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2014 Year-end News

It's been another great year for GolfGalleryPro and we look forward to wrapping it up by shipping more of your favorite products. We have had a run on our single ball displays so stock is low. Order now to avoid out-of-stock delays. Stock is still good on our 12 and 16 ball displays with all color selections available. Put a smile on the golfer in your life with a GolfGalleryPro gift !! Thanks to our customers, fans, and supporters for a successful year and may your holidays be a joy to you and yours.


In 2015 we plan on introducing two exciting new products, so keep an eye on our blog for further updates, reports, and news.




Written by Greg Desilet — November 12, 2014

GolfDashBlog review of our products

Thanks to Doug Farrick and John Diekmann at for this wonderful review and commentary on our products. If you are new to GolfGalleryPro, please read it to better understand the quality and uniqueness of our products.




GolfGalleryPro. The Coolest Golf Ball Display Case. Ever.

The GolfGalleryPro is one of the finest made golf ball display cases I have ever seen. Finally a display that you are proud to, well, display!

Not sure about you but I have never really been one of those golfers who purchased, collected and displayed golf balls at courses they’ve played. It just seemed a bit too hokey for me. However, now I think I might.

Most of the ones I’ve seen (up until now) just looked really cheap and cheesy – nothing I’d really want to display anywhere – anywhere *prominently* anyway.

What really sets the GolfGalleryPro golf ball display apart is the wonderful craftsmanship and the high quality materials they are built with. Remember, if you start with something crappy, you’ll probably end up with something crappy as well.

Not the case here. They use waterclear acrylic tubing, tinted cast acrylic, aerospace-grade aluminum and eco-friendly laminated bamboo (the only bamboo display case on the market!) and the item is proudly manufactured and assembled right here in the good ‘ole USA!

They’re a bit hard to describe because I think they actually look better in real-life than via image. Maybe because you don’t quite get the 3 dimensionality of the product. And if you get the translucent one (like I have) the golf balls appear to float making it really cool visually.

The fact that it’s portable is nice so you can easily move it (not like those old-world, wall mounted things) It has a wonderful rotating assembly which you can easily highlight a tourney golf ball you were part of or played in. (a hidden benefit of this is that it also keeps your rounded golf treasures markedly dust-free!)

They offer “The Original” which is a 12 ball display model, translucent interior (very classy) with a default of natural bamboo. I thought the price was going to be even higher than the $69.99 you’ll pay. The 16 ball displays are $84.99.

You can even “custom-build” your own in the 12 ball or 16 ball ones (they don’t offer this on the 1 or 3 ball versions) meaning you can pick the bamboo (Natural, Neopolitan or Amber) and you can also select the color of the vertical “wing” section which separates the golf balls.

I really love this product. I have a number of golf balls that are already proudly being displayed here in my work office.

So, at the very least, get one for yourself (you’ll become addicted to this hobby – you watch!) and, of course, they make great birthday, holiday, golf tournament or any other type of special gift(s).

I never thought I’d be one of those guys that buys those logo or commemorative golf balls but now I do (and will) as I can’t wait to add it to my cool Golf Gallery display case.

Written by Greg Desilet — November 12, 2014

GolfGalleryPro Holiday Season 2013

The year 2013 has been a year of rapid growth for GolfGalleryPro. We have placed our products in retail locations in Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon. Our presence in Colorado is especially strong with our full product line in all Colorado Ski and Golf locations in the Denver area and in Colorado Springs. Colorado Ski and Golf is an exceptional retailer of golf products and we thank the store, Vail Resorts, and Shawn Walsh for their support.

We are also proud to have our products in the Collindale Golf Course Pro Shop in Ft. Collins. PGA Director of Golf at the Collindale facility, Dale Smigelsky, received the PGA National Merchandiser of the Year Award for Public Facilities for 2012. Dale is an exceptional Director and stocks the pro shop with high quality and hard-to-find golf gear, clothing, and accessories. If you have the opportunity, do not miss a visit to his pro shop--which now also features our GolfGalleryPro displays.

We look forward to 2014 and further expansion into key national retailers of golf products. Meanwhile, if you live in Colorado visit one of the retail locations mentioned above near you to see our product first hand. And give the golfer in your life something different this year--the GolfGalleryPro display for highlighting the trophy golf balls associated with those peak golf experiences.

Thank you to the many customers who have complemented us on our products throughout the year!

Greg Desilet

Written by Greg Desilet — November 22, 2013

First Post

As 2012 draws to a close, we are proud to announce the GolfGalleryPro display and the launch of our web site for the 2013 golfing season. The GolfGalleryPro makes a great gift for the golfers among your family and friends because it introduces a new style and a different approach to golf ball displays by highlighting a smaller selection of collectible balls associated with your most memorable golf experiences. The appearance, rotating assembly, and portability of the display make it the perfect showcase for sharing and celebrating your golf memories. Also keep in mind the GolfGalleryPro makes a new and exceptional prize for your club golf tournaments and special events throughout the season. We are currently well stocked in colors, bamboo tones, and sizes. Place your orders with confidence in quick delivery. 

Kyle and I extend a special thanks to all those who have helped us along the way toward our business and web site launch. We greatly appreciate your efforts, suggestions, and contributions. 

A Happy New Year and memorable 2013 golf season for all!

Greg Desilet

Written by Greg Desilet — December 03, 2012