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GolfGalleryPro. The Coolest Golf Ball Display Case. Ever.

The GolfGalleryPro is one of the finest made golf ball display cases I have ever seen. Finally a display that you are proud to, well, display!

Not sure about you but I have never really been one of those golfers who purchased, collected and displayed golf balls at courses they’ve played. It just seemed a bit too hokey for me. However, now I think I might.

Most of the ones I’ve seen (up until now) just looked really cheap and cheesy – nothing I’d really want to display anywhere – anywhere *prominently* anyway.

What really sets the GolfGalleryPro golf ball display apart is the wonderful craftsmanship and the high quality materials they are built with. Remember, if you start with something crappy, you’ll probably end up with something crappy as well.

Not the case here. They use waterclear acrylic tubing, tinted cast acrylic, aerospace-grade aluminum and eco-friendly laminated bamboo (the only bamboo display case on the market!) and the item is proudly manufactured and assembled right here in the good ‘ole USA!

They’re a bit hard to describe because I think they actually look better in real-life than via image. Maybe because you don’t quite get the 3 dimensionality of the product. And if you get the translucent one (like I have) the golf balls appear to float making it really cool visually.

The fact that it’s portable is nice so you can easily move it (not like those old-world, wall mounted things) It has a wonderful rotating assembly which you can easily highlight a tourney golf ball you were part of or played in. (a hidden benefit of this is that it also keeps your rounded golf treasures markedly dust-free!)

They offer “The Original” which is a 12 ball display model, translucent interior (very classy) with a default of natural bamboo. I thought the price was going to be even higher than the $69.99 you’ll pay. The 16 ball displays are $84.99.

You can even “custom-build” your own in the 12 ball or 16 ball ones (they don’t offer this on the 1 or 3 ball versions) meaning you can pick the bamboo (Natural, Neopolitan or Amber) and you can also select the color of the vertical “wing” section which separates the golf balls.

I really love this product. I have a number of golf balls that are already proudly being displayed here in my work office.

So, at the very least, get one for yourself (you’ll become addicted to this hobby – you watch!) and, of course, they make great birthday, holiday, golf tournament or any other type of special gift(s).

I never thought I’d be one of those guys that buys those logo or commemorative golf balls but now I do (and will) as I can’t wait to add it to my cool Golf Gallery display case.

Written by Greg Desilet — November 12, 2014