Golf Gallery Pro

Who are we?

GolfGalleryPro was founded in 2012 by Kyle Ludwig and Greg Desilet. Both alumni of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Greg and Kyle combine business/engineering from different generations yet share the same passion for golf.

Why golf ball display cases?

The golf ball display case commemorates significant golfing achievements and events. The traditional wall display houses golf balls in a grid pattern mounted on the wall. But we felt wall racks were mostly overlooked and golfing memories weren't getting shared and enjoyed. We wanted to see a smaller, portable, and more interactive design suitable for featuring a few prized trophy golf balls. So the concept of a stylish, customizable, rotating desktop display was born. We are proud to introduce our display to golfers around the world. It's off the wall!

Where are we located?

Office/Distribution in Denver, Colorado.

I care about what I buy, who makes this product?

The GolfGalleryPro product line is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA!

What is our privacy policy?

Customer information is kept protected and confidential. The minimal information acquired about customers through the ordering process will not be shared with any other parties or businesses.


What is our shipping policy?

A flat rate is charged for shipping and handling within the continental United States. On single items the flat rate is $10. This rate increases by another $10 for five items and additional steps of $10 for quantities in multiples of five. Orders outside the United States will incur additional charges depending on the location. Orders ship within three days or less when items are in stock. Customers will be notified quickly on those items that are out of stock.


What is our refund/cancellation policy?

Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been shipped. If you are not satisfied with your GolfGalleryPro product, refunds will be provided on items returned in undamaged condition. Returns must be received within 30 days of receiving the product.


How can we be contacted?

All inquiries about our products, order status, and all other questions and comments can be directed to our email address: All email questions and comments will be addressed and responded to in a timely manner.